Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thanks for the Imagination

Kids today have trouble imagining. I know this is crochety old-man speak. But it's not their fault. They struggle to imagine because they're overbooked. We've yuppified them. Or rather, you've yuppified them. I don't fucking breed. That shit's on y'all.

One of my students was on four travel basketball teams. FOUR. I couldn't manage that as a mildly mature adult with many problem-solving and corner-cutting skills.

As a kid, some of my happiest memories are of writing random shit on the blank backs of my dad's old National Guard schedules. I scripted Transformers episodes, He-man episodes, totally geektastic cross-over He-man and Transformers episodes.

As an older kid, I wrote hypothetical, awesome pro-wrestling cards and video game sequels.

I learned to imagine. My parents gave me time to.

So I wanted to thank mom and dad on dad's birthday eve. And also for kicking my ass out of the house now and then so I learned to speak with humans. That matters too.

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