Sunday, November 24, 2013

What I'm Writing Now

First off, thanks for 3,000+ pageviews! Celebutants may fart those numbers with minimal effort, but as a humble educator from New Jersey, I thank you.

I continue to wait on JESSE RULES and my short story collection MEN IN STRANGE ARRANGEMENTS is in multiple contests, but in the meantime, here's what I'm writing.

Voodoo John - Jack is a trust fund queen on permanent holiday in the French Quarter. He enjoys three strange men a day: one per meal. All is right in Jack's world until he's visited by a Chibaku: an ancient Egyptian spirit vessel used to steal intangible treasures. The first one flies off with his wealth, and two more are on the way. But the real horror comes when Jack realizes who sent them, and why.

Bottles of Sara and Ben - The prototype is designed to heal. You shout the things you can't say into the receiver, and all that hostility is bottled. A married couple with a tendency to repress seem like the perfect test subjects, until the researchers realize how unstable emotion can be.

Visionaries - Telekinesis and telepathy are the new normal, but they've also instituted a new arms race. Each nation hopes to be the first to acheive the Singularity: the first time a young telekinetic person can literally change a small part of the world to make it the way they picture. Like most power, it can be used to construct, and it can be used to destroy.

Delilah feels like she belongs at one of the U.S. telepath camps, but her boyfriend Chance isn't so sure. If the government can't control this new power, they're likely to try to dispose of it. Chance notes, "There's nothing more dangerous than a dreamer."

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I hope each of you is chasing a dream and enjoying the hunt as I am. Here is the link to my Amazon page, where amazing stories await for a mere 99 cents:

-James Russell