Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I had a very encouraging rejection the other day. That feels like oxymoron but it isn't. I made a point to write the publishers back to sincerely thank them for taking the time to write a specific, logical rejection that explained what they liked about my story and why it just wasn't right for their collection.

It made me wonder how many good stories die quietly on hard drives because of clinical, vague rejections.

New subject - I have very high hopes for "Mountainview", a total reconstruction of "Nick and the Insect Kingdom". This is definitely my 2013 Saints and Sinners story. I like its chance to win.

In other good news, my story "The Camp Seminole Wiener Wall", basically the most brilliant dick joke in the history of Western Civilization, is up for a "Best of the Net 2012" award from Sundress Publications. Click the link below for the whole story.

Announcements for “Best of the Net 2012” Award
And here's the announcement on their Facebook page:

And the story:
“The Camp Seminole Weiner Wall” (A friendship is tested by a sexually cruel camp ritual.)

My others:
“Friends and Pyromaniacs” (A young man’s awakening requires a Molotov cocktail.)

“The Gay Bomb” (An undercover agent unleashes the ultimate weapon in the war against Islam – a pheromone bomb that causes gay arousal.)

My story is “Divine Hand”, about an expose reporter who goes undercover at a religious conversion camp for gay teens.

Final story of the month, here's the score on trying to sell "Jesse Rules" so far, brought to you by the letters, A, B, Z, and F, U, M, I, T, T, R, O, M, N, E, Y.

Formal Rejections:
Zumaya, Anaphora

Haven't heard yet:
Asabi, Arkhambridge, Black Rose (all cool with simsubs, a plus)

Have to go to the Post Office because they seem worth suffering a snail mail submission:
Bancroft, Black Heron

My mantra this month is J.M.P. Just make progress. If it got me through two years writing a novel, it can get me through ______ months trying to place it.

-James Russell