Thursday, July 4, 2013

Short Stories for 99 Cents

With a little encouraging shove from my friend and writing group colleague Nick, I've decided to make three short stories available on for 99 cents each. They'll make you laugh. They'll make you think. They'll provoke debate and possibly haunt you for a while. And all for the price of four chicken mcnuggets.

Here is a quick pitch for each. Buy what you like! Search the titles at Searching my author name, James Russell, doesn't get the best results. (There's James Russell Lowell, plus some Cubs pitcher, but I'll be more famous than them one day.)

Graduation - Pete Petucci has always had a "thing" for Anna Marikowski, but when his ill-timed moo interrupts her graduation speech, she goes rogue on the live mic, and everything gets uncomfortably honest.

Last Gay Bar - Ted and George have spent decades of hookups and breakups at Feathers, the local queer bar. When they run into a student, they decide to move on from the scene, and wonder what they want to move toward.

Friends and Pyromaniacs – Bill and Tom love to set fires. To Bill, it’s just something cool to do. To Tom, it’s revelation. He sees fire as transcendent: the key to immortality. When Bill fails to see it that way, Tom goes to gruesome lengths to show his friend the transformative powers of flame.

So happy reading to all. "Jesse Rules" is still under review with Bold Strokes Books. In the meantime, here are some you can enjoy. They work with Kindle or Kindle software.

Also, new projects I'm working on:

The Ones I Love - A series of letters to everyone I've ever been in love with. I'm finding it hard to write for some reason. I'm laughing and crying at my computer at really random intervals. My husband isn't sure whether to get me coffee or antidepressants or vodka.

Morph - What if children and adolescents could change gender at will, but at midnight on their eighteenth birthday, their gender became permanent? This is the world Aaron and Michael grew up in. Michael is a "border case", meaning people aren't sure what he'll choose. He goes to special guidance office sessions to help him decide. The choice is complicated, as all things are, by emotion. Aaron loves his best bro Michael, and he's madly in love with Michaela, Michael's femorph.

That's all the lunacy I have to contribute this week. Happy pride and happy fourth everyone.


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