Saturday, January 7, 2012

Writing Resolutions

My guess is every other writer who blogs is writing one about new year's resolutions.

Well, fuck it, here's mine. For the pile.

2012's is the same as 2011's - get paid for your work.

I missed my goal last year. Here's to giving it another shot.

I actually have a good win-loss record with writer's resolutions.

2008 - Write regularly. Win!
2009 - Get used to rejection. I'm blogging right now despite having no followers yet. Win!
2010 - Get something published. Took me 'til December to get "The Gay Bomb" on but thanks to miss Courtney Eldridge, win!
2011 - Get paid. Loss. So I'm 3-1. Fuck it. Trying again. (Although I did land my second credit, "Friends and Pyromaniacs," in issue 3 of The Quotable. So I'm giving myself 4-1. Not like it's the NFL or anything.)

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